Why should women lift weights?


Why should women lift weights?

The short answer to the above is because they want to. Here’s some
reasons why you might want to join the lifting revolution and decide
whether you might want to lift weights as well.


Lifting weights can help to increase strength and have a favorable
impact on weight and body composition. It helps to contribute to a
lean, toned physique and can help to reduce body fat. By strengthening
the muscles of the body we can help to improve posture, balance,
flexibility, and mobility. The combination of these factors can
culminate in a significant positive body change and result in
increased confidence as we become more aware of what the body is
capable of.


Resistance training has also been shown to have a positive impact on
mood and can help with symptoms of depression and stress. This can
have great carry over into other areas of life such as having more
focus at work and being in a better frame of mind to dedicate to the
more important things in your life. This means spending less time
venting to friends and family and more time enjoying their company.




Beyond the visual and mental, lifting weight has continued to show a
host of benefits in women such as resistance to undesirable health
conditions including osteoporosis and sarcopenia as well as reductions
in the impact of low back pain and arthritis. In short, women should
embrace the empowering effect of lifting weights and growing some
muscle, doing so might just unlock a range of physical and mental
benefits that will last (and possibly extend) a lifetime.



Edward Loveday


Senior Personal Trainer – SIX3NINE Personal Training Practice

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