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Hiya Oslo!

This will be a journey embracing the spring season with different styles of yoga, movement, meditation, breath-work, and creativity. I really hope this offering is useful and inspires you to cultivate confidence to bloom in your own way!

We are particularly focusing on welcoming spring and releasing the stagnant, heavy, lethargic elements of winter to make space for new energy, be that physically, mentally, emotionally etc.

If you’re feeling like you could do with a fresh dose of inspiration to bloom and grow and welcome in the warmer season, this is for you!

This workshop series is designed to be taken as a package, but can also be taken separately if you fancy.

Here’s a taste of what to expect!


Honoring the seasons

Spring. A new season. The “real” new year, at least, it feels like the beginning to me. Spring is when nature wakes up and comes to life. The days get longer, the sun hotter, we start to see leaves form on the trees, buds and greens sprout, plants blossom, bloom and flower, colour is abundant and our senses are in for a treat! (especially if one has hay fever!)

The air becomes moister, the weather shifts, the snow on mountaintops begins to thaw. There’s a release, an awakening and an expansion as we move from the cold, dark contraction of winter. We greet this energetic new season.

A time to shift from the heaviness into the light in various ways. As the dormancy of winter departs, we are met with an opportunity for movement and change. A chance to blossom. Winter gave us the opportunity to go inward. Spring invites us to step forwards, outwards, to expand and take up more space.

Nature gives us all the cues to enable us to sync up and connect.
To nourish and replenish ourselves.
To find balance.

To Bloom.


Syncing with the seasons

These sessions will honor the change of seasons, exploring how we can support ourselves so we are in sync with nature and thus ourselves.

Awakening after the darker, colder, sluggish more introverted winter months, we explore the transition towards spring, opening up to welcome more light, warmth, vibrancy, expansive movement and possibility!

How can we get our body, minds, breath, and energy back into balance with the natural rhythms of the new season?

This is something we will explore in various ways in our workshops using the following themes:

Connection: with the season, ourselves, our practice, creativity, and uniqueness.

Nourishment: after winter depletion we move towards a lighter season, exploring ways to cleanse, refresh, re-inspire, rejuvenate and reinvigorate ourselves.

Balance: respectfully and sustain-ably exploring bringing ourselves back into harmony as we honor the transition, where we are at, from the ground upwards. Rooting down to rise up and bloom – just like the flowers!


Workshop 1 = Flow

This workshop is designed to cultivate radiant energy that is balanced and sustainable through yoga and movement explorations. Boost your energy and circulation with a creative, mindful and grounded flow, setting your own rhythm without rushing, forcing or pushing.

Build confidence in your practice, tuning in to what you need, whilst experimenting with ways to shift stagnant energy and tension to take back into the “real” world!

Expect some immediate state-shifting to boost your energy and circulation using some fun and refreshing breathwork combined with movement studies. We’ll give attention and space to the upper body and particularly the shoulders and chest, (desk hunchers unite!) hips and spine (stagnancy begone!) playful balance, some creative transitions and lots of experiments with movement and ease – plus a lot of good vibes along the way.

This session is a full, rounded, rejuvenating practice and suitable for all levels. You will be encouraged to choose your own mild and/or spicy seasoning in the practice, taking as many rests as you need and/or experimenting and exploring as you feel.

Create more space, fluidity and expansiveness, all whilst being radiantly you.

Hope this session will inspire your yoga journey.

What to expect:

Unhurried flow class with movement explorations:::::

Experiments in mindful movement and stillness:::




Immunity boosting techniques:::::

Creative activity::::

Aromatherapy element:::::

Standing and floor work using props (or not – it’s your practice!)::::

Build heat, strength, and energy but from a sustainable and centered place of awareness::::

Experiments in fluidity, movement, and ease:::

Rejuvenate. Refresh. Recharge:::

Workshop timings:

Saturday 28 April
arrive from 14:15
workshop 14:30 – 16:30

Workshop 2 = Restore
Intended to be a “balm for your bits”, this workshop will explore somatic and restorative practices to encourage grounding, relieve stress, anxiety, unravel the chest, hips, and spine.

This will be a deeply relaxing and meditative workshop designed to help you unravel tension and find ease.

Deeply gentle, relaxing and restorative, this class will take the rhythm of our (Take care of you) Yoga + Self Care Workshops.

A safe, intimate, nourishing and rejuvenating environment for your body and mind. Journey through a grounded, quiet, calm and restorative self-care practice.

Feast on tools and techniques that encourage you to slow down and delve a little deeper into yourself.

Timeout to get to know yourself again, thoughts, body, guts, home. Reacquaint, recharge and explore how to come back to yourself and discover ways to maintain self-care when we return to the outside world.

A sumptuous and sensual exploration discovering the best methods to nurture and support yourself. Addressing how to integrate self-care into daily life. More space, stress less, refuel and replenish.

This tends to be a deeper and more intuitive self-study, combining movement and stillness. I’ll be guiding the session but exploration and deep listening (to yourself) is encouraged.


What to expect:

Slow, gentle, tender movement, mostly on the floor:::
Self massage::::
Deep rest::::
Aromatherapy element::::
Less doing, relax into being::::
A deep, replenishing reset:::
Creative activity::::

Times & Location

Leela Yoga

Heimdalsgata 10 B


Saturday 28 April / 14:30-16:30 (Flow)

Sunday 29 April / 13:30-15:30 (Restore)

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