6 tips to spring into Summer


Six tips to spring into Summer.

(Using the marginal gains theory for health to spring clean your life)


Spring is in the air and with the lighter nights and warmer weather fast approaching it can be a great time of year to push on with your health goals and shake off the excesses of the winter months. While there are generally no quick fixes for health if we can gain a small improvement from a number of areas, then the summation of these forces can have a big impact on your health.


Here are 6 tips to kick-start your quest for a happier, healthier you:


1. Get some D.

Vitamin D is the sunshine Vitamin and a lack of it can cause a number of health issues such as a weakened immune system and depression. To combat this, get outside in the fresh air and get some sun on your skin (aim for at least half an hour per day). This will top up your vitamin D levels and ensure that you can ward off colds, increase energy levels and enhance your mood.


2. Hydrate.

Good old H2O is the transport system for the nutrients and vitamins that we consume. If we are under hydrated this can result in decreased performance in both physical and cognitive tasks. Aim for 2-3 litres of fluid per day to optimise health and take advantage of a number of benefits such as better hair and skin.


3. Sleep.

Sleep is when the body repairs and recovers. If we are not getting enough it can increase fatigue, cause a lack of motivation and can elevate stress levels which can cause a number of health issues and a propensity to gain weight. catching plenty of ZZZs can ensure that this doesn’t happen and that you wake up feeling energised and ready for the challenges ahead. Aim for between 7 and 9 hours per night. (Even an hour extra a night equates to a whole extra night’s sleep over the week).


4. Exercise.

We all know that exercise is good for us and can confer a wide range of physical and mental benefits. What and how much to do is often debated but ultimately choosing an exercise regimen that firstly you and enjoy and secondly, you can adhere to is probably the best step towards making consistent progress. A combination of resistance training and some cardiovascular work is a good way to reap many health benefits whilst improving body composition. Aim for 3-4 bouts of exercise per week.



5. Eat for balance.

A balanced diet is often touted as what people need to maintain physical and mental well being. A balanced diet consists of a variety of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Eating a broad spectrum of foods, particularly fruits and vegetables should ensure adequate vitamins and nutrients are available to the body. If your goal is weight loss then a small calorie restriction over time is probably a good way to ensure consistent success.


6. Make hay…

The warm weather in Norway is never around for very long so ride your new found motivation like a wave so that by the time winter comes round again you will be much better set up with your health and fitness. Making small improvements on a number of factors will ensure that you can make progress on all fronts without the need for a major lifestyle overhaul.


Edward Loveday

Senior Personal Trainer – SIX3NINE Personal Training Practice

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